Few & Co is an independent provider of Management Consultancy and Professional Services to the international insurance industry. We travel extensively in the United Kingdom, Europe, Bermuda, South Africa, South America, the Middle East, the Far East, Australia and New Zealand. We provide careful planning and budgeting of assignments. The following is a listing of our services:

Binding Authority and Coverholder Reviews

We review and evaluate the technical performance of coverholders and make recommendations designed to improve the efficiency of delegated underwriting operations in accordance with binding authority contract and regulatory provisions.

Underwriting and Claims Management Reviews

On behalf of our risk-bearing clients we conduct reviews to assess compliance with underwriting guidelines, quality of claim handling, use and direction of independent adjusters and solicitors, outstanding loss reserve adequacy, accuracy of premium and claim bordereaux, and excess and reinsurance loss reporting.

Reserve Adequacy and Loss Portfolio Projections

We assess reserving philosophy and procedures and evaluate the adequacy and timeliness of reserves; often in conjunction with actuarial and financial reviews.

Insurance and Reinsurance Reviews

We conduct reviews of ceding companies and their service providers on behalf of interested reinsurers and insurers on all lines of business to assess staffing, underwriting, rating and deviation from established guidelines, aggregate monitoring, accounting, policy documentation, technical claims investigations and handling, reserving, litigation management, loss reporting, bordereaux preparation (premium and claims), data management, IT application and other matters of client interest.

Reinsurer and Insurer Consulting Services

We provide complete operational and risk management support to our clients from developing software solutions for claims adjudication and relational database applications to product development and management and payment of claims.

Financial Services Authority ["FSA"] Compliance

Since 14th January 2005 the FSA has regulated insurance intermediaries. The Compliance Service provided by us is primarily intended for insurance intermediaries conducting insurance mediation activities in relation to general insurance contracts or pure protection contracts (except long term care insurance), collectively known as "non-investment insurance contracts", from a permanent place of business in the UK. We will help support insurance intermediaries who are authorised by the FSA to comply with the applicable rules contained in the FSA Handbook of rules and guidance (the Handbook).

Reinsurance Asset Management

The Problem

Run-off companies/syndicates and run-off accounts are failing to accurately identify reinsurance recoveries and other amounts due – such as loss funds.